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PDF stands for (Portable Document Format)  which is an open source and platform independent software developed in 1990 to present documents with text formatting and with images etc. each file includes  complete description of  fixed-layout flat document, which contains text, images, vectors graphics, font and other information which is necessary to display it. It getting popularity due to the capability of handling a variety of content such, an interactive element like annotation, form element,  rich media including (video content), and three-dimensional image(3D) using PRC or U3D, and various other data formats. Its specification provides for encryption, digital signature, and file attachments as well.

How Php Create Pdf from simple HTML form data?

In the first part of this tutorial, we have explained how to create dynamic PDF file from HTML form data using PHP .for this We can generate pdf file using Php pdflib library but it bit time-consuming and not easy to understand. So For easy creation of such file mostly developer using a third party open source library which contains a lot of built-in classes, methods one of them is FPDF  class which creates such file efficiently.

html form data to pdf

To create PDF file dynamically from  HTML form data you have to follow the following steps:

1.download a library from a download section of its official site fpdf.org.

2.create a simple HTML form.

3. extract the zip file to your docs folder and then import  FPDF file to your working page like create.php.

create.php file contain the basic script which converts HTML form data to pdf file


the output of the above code:


2.How Php Create PDF from MySQL database?

in this part of the tutorial, l we mentioned how to generate pdf file from MySQL database to pdf file using php.

generate pdf from mysql

To generate a file from MySQL database data follow the following steps.

1.download a library from the download section of its official site fpdf.org.

2. Extract the zip file and past in htdocs folder and then import  FPDF file to your working page.

The 3.create object of FPDF class.

4.create a file and paste the following code.



The output of the above code:

database data to pdf