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As we know that PHP is a general purpose server side scripting language used to create a high dynamic interactive web application.It getting popularity due to its unique nature some programmer use core PHP to develop their application but programming in core PHP is a bit time consuming,  mean it take more time is compared to its frameworks.so most professional developer prefer to use frameworks instead of core Php.

What is a framework?


Software frameworks provide built-in functionalities to facilitate the development process. It normally includes support programs, classes, functions, compilers, different code libraries, and a different set of tools that bring together all the different component to make easy the development of a  system. To make streamline the development process due which the programmers don’t need to “reinvent” the wheel when they developed new application frameworks will be the best choice to make that’s  possible.

All the frameworks which I mentioned in this article follow the  MVC(model-view-controller) architectural pattern. MVC actually an architectural paradigm which separates the front-end form the back-end due which the code stander is become, readable and easy to manage.

Best Php frameworks:

Best Php frameworks are below.


Laravel is a free, open-source framework, created by Taylor Otwell and intended for the development of web applications following the MVC architectural pattern.Larval getting popularity day by day and become very popular among many professional developers due to its unique nature. Laravel includes 3 frontends preset, react.js, bootstrap and  Vue.js as default, you can choose according to your need.there are a lot of features that laravel have but some common I mentioned in this article.

Salient features of laravel


  • Authentication:

a authentication is one of the most features of the application and the developer spends much time on developed authentication system .but in laravel provides inbuilt authentication system.

  • Security:

larval provides a boosted security to a web application using hash and salt method and using SQL  prepared statement to prevent SQL injection

  • rout catching:

Laravel handle the routing between client/server easily.this feature is suitable for those users whose application have many routes.

  • validation:

handle validation through a dedicated class

  • . Unit Testing

Laravel perform unit testing for their own code to ensure the functionality of the component

  • Template Engine

Laravel framework famous for their built-in lightweight template that use to create amazing layouts


Symfony is the second most popular framework among professional developers due to its unique nature.symfony is a foundation of the huge amount of built-in reusable component which allows creation, configuration, authentication, security and so on. Symphony is fast and has less repetition of code s..many features of Symfony is incorporate by larval, the most well known CMS(content management system) like druble, phpBB, and eZ are developed using  Symfony framework.

Salient features of Symfony
  • it is very suitable for small or large scale web application.
  • Symfony defines MVC design paradigm while other frameworks just follow the rules of MVC.
  • error handling in a Symfony is a very easy task.
  • the code standers of the sympfony are best, that’s why its community increase day by day.

Codeigniter is best to open source third most popular framework of PHP among different web developers due to its module-based architecture.the codeignitor use MVC due to which the code is readable and easy to manage.if you interested to develop a robust, scalable and large web application in less amount of time then the codeignitor is the best choice for you just visit to download CodeIgniter from its official site for free  www.codeigniter.com

Salient Features of CodeIgniter
  • The most important features of codeignitor is follow
  • security (Remote code execution, SQL injection, XSS attack)
  • form and data validation
  • session management

To learn more about CodeIgniter visit: www.codeigniter.com


Cake php is a 4th best framework for faster, simpler and reliable web application with less coding efforts.it is old framework but still is working fine most well know development companies use cake php because “old Is gold” and it has a rich security features its solid features are given below.

Salient features of CakePHP

  • SQL injection and RSS attack prevention.
  • form and data validation.
  • easy to handle the error.

provide best component and helpers.

5 – Yii Framework

Yii is one of the best generic frameworks which is used to the developed large scale web application.

salient Features of Yii
  • Its full stake framework.
  • Form input and validation
  • based on Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern and good catching support, therefore it is suitable for a large-scale application like portal, forum,eCommerce application, and content management system.
  • provide Security


in the above article, we have discussed the most popular frameworks which pretty much use professional web developer to develop their application within required time frame and budget.

so you also can choose one of them which you like to fulfill your task easily within time and budget.

Note: share your experience in the comment regarding above frameworks